Firstmil Premium

Firstmil Premium
100% derived from raw milk concentrated whey protein containing more than 25% of IgG antibodies as well as s-IgA and lactoferrin.
Retail Price(Excluding Tax) ¥7,800
Contents : 317mg×180 Capsules

About Firstmil Premium

breast milk is rich in IgG and support your immune system

From old days in Japan, we used to say that the breastfed-babies are healthy and strong. Because high concentrations of immune factors, such as IgG antibodies contained in mother’s milk help the baby’s immunity, and acquire resistance to infection from outside.

“Firstmil Premium” is IgG containing whey protein supplement with equivalent effect to the milk Mother-to-child immunity, generated from 100% raw milk. It can be stably supplied and reasonably priced due to a stable supply of raw milk.

100% derived from New Zealand raw milk

Under New Zealand’s stringent management standards, all of nature’s daily farmers are breeding healthy milk cows. By a strict quarantine system, there is no case of BSE in the countries. Firstmil Premium is manufactured by raw milk from healthy and stress-free New Zealand milk cows.

new zealand cow

The components

This product contains IgG > 250mg/g, s-IgA > 15mg/g and lactoferrin > 5mg/g. These ingredients play an important role to maintain our immunity.

Immunoglobulin G (IgG) contained more than 25% in “Firstmill Premium” is the mammal’s main antibody to fight against pathogens.

Approximately 100 billion bacteria live in the human intestine, well-balanced and help each other, creating ecosystems such as the microcosm “intestinal flora”

In the past research, the intestinal flora is already known to influence our health such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, allergies, skin wrinkles and even character. IgG binds with various bad bacteria in the intestinal and maintain the good intestinal environment.

So-called “antibody” has images of weapons, like IgG antibodies fighting pathogens. However secretory IgA (s-IgA) is said that not only eliminates bad bacteria, but also protects useful bacteria. s-IgA is a dimeric form of IgA, which is prevalent in the mucus.

Humans are born without intestinal bacteria. First inheriting the bacteria from the mother, and then through various influence, we gradually forge well-balanced intestinal flora. It is not easy for bacteria to settle in the intestines because of flow. The only place that does not to wash away in the intestines is the mucus layer covering the walls of the intestines. It is the perfect place to live for bacteria, although they can’t get in there easily because of stickiness.

This is the place only the bacteria chosen by s-IgA can live. s-IgA sticks to the body of selected bacteria and reduces the resistance of them to get into the mucus layer. Through the long process of evolution of our ancestors and bacteria they have developed a method of how to support each other and gradually decided what kind of bacteria is chosen by s-IgA. s-IgA plays big role selecting the intestinal bacteria.

Lactoferrin is also known as an important nutrient to protect babies. It is a useful nutrient to maintain our immunity as well.

When these three constituents work together, “Firstmill Premium” demonstrate various effects.

Reseach and uses

It has been shown the effectiveness of Firstmill Premium against to 20 different bacterial and fungal diseases in vitro by Juntendo University in Japan. Especially the effectiveness against salmonella, O-157 and non-tuberculous mycobacteria has also been proven in vivo.

1. Bacillus cereus11. Salmonella typhimurium
2. Campylobacter jejuni12. Staphylococcus epidermidis
3. Candida albicans13. Streptococcus agalactiae
4. Escherichia coli14. Streptococcus mutans
5. Escherichia coli 0157:H715. Streptococcus pneumoniae
6. Helicobacter pylori16. Streptococcus pyogenes
7. Klebsiella pneumoniae17. Yersinia enterocolitica
8. Listeria monocytogenes18. Haemophilus influenzae
9. Propionibacterium acnes19. Stahylococcus aureus
10. Salmonella enteritidis20. Mycobacteria

“Firstmill Premium” increases the immunity of the body, this helps to preventing opportunistic infections especially for small children and the elderly. Because of high quality source of protein, it also helps to maintain muscle which may contribute to preventing sarcopenia as well.

This product is in high demand in an aging society which many countries are facing in these days.


Whey protein (New Zealand manufacturing) , pullulan, calcium stearate, fine-grain silicon dioxide, coloring (kaoliang), (some ingredients contain soy and milk )


317 mg x 180 capsules


6 capsules daily with water or lukewarm water

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