Angiogenesis and related diseases

Angiogenesis in arthritis

Angiogenesis is related to many arthritis disorders including rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis)

The formation of new blood vessels – termed ‘angiogenesis’ – is now recognised as a key event in the formation and maintenance of the pannus in RA. This pannus is highly vascularised, suggesting that targeting blood vessels in RA may be an effective future therapeutic strategy. Disruption of the formation of new blood vessels would not only prevent delivery of nutrients to the inflammatory site, but could also lead to vessel regression and possibly reversal of disease.


Osteoarthrosis is one of the articular disorders and not a disease. The bone surfaces in the joint become less protected due to aging of the cartilage and eventually the bone surfaces may be exposed and damaged. Osteoarthritis, however, is a disease that need not be due to aging. However, it is the most common form of arthritis suffered by elderly people. Angiogenesis affects the cartilage layer originating in the subchondral bone which is a boundary part of cartilage and bone. Destruction of cartilage from the surface progresses as a result of this. Various cartilage denaturation factors are derived through the new blood vessels produced making the pathological condition worse. Thus, inhibiting angiogenesis can be one of the ways to inhibit deterioration in Osteoarthrosis.

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