Media information for our materials containing s-IgA (secretory IgA)

In recent years of study, it has become clear that immunoglobulins such as IgA or IgG play a major role in the improvement of the intestinal microbiota (intestinal flora). HEIMAT has just announced the release of new products “Protec” and “Enteral+”. They are whey protein powders 100% derived from premium New Zealand cows’ milk and contain stabilized “s-IgA (Secretory IgA)”. They are expected to improve intestinal flora and provide high functionalities for obesity, youthful skin, diabetes and cancer. HEIMAT can supply not only raw material but OEM as well. It was introduced on the TV programme NHK in February 2015, which explained that the improvement of intestinal flora has a major effect on our health. This has gained popularity for the product. It has been shown that the condition of the intestinal flora influences various diseases. Consumer interest in functional health foods to improve the intestinal environment is increasing. Above all, the “s-IgA” is a particular interest of ours. Recent studies have revealed that IgA is significantly involved in the maintenance of the intestinal flora. It is said that it has a strong bactericidal effect on pathogenic bacteria as an antibody. It also takes and develops the beneficial bacteria in the intestine. It has not been easy to stabilize IgA in food with standard technologies. HEIMAT has established technology that can manufacture food containing stabilized “s-IgA” by working together with the National University of New Zealand. “s-IgA” can reach the intestine without being destroyed by the gastric acid. It is believed that “s-IgA” will show many different functionalities through improvement of the intestinal environment. For example, equol will be generated when soybean is consumed in a good intestinal environment. Equol is an isoflavandiol metabolized from daidzein, a type of isoflavone, by intestinal bacteria. It acts similar to female hormones. It is believed to reduce wrinkles by increasing collagen in the skin. There are also reports of improving bone density and menopause symptoms. “s-IgA” is also expected to have beneficial effects for the diet. One of the opportunistic bacteria (Bacteroides) is more likely to generate short-chain fatty acids when beneficial bacteria are dominant in the intestine. It has been reported that short-chain fatty acids have functions to inhibit the accumulation of fat. Improvement of the intestinal environment can also be expected in autoimmune diseases such as allergies since it leads to activation of the intestinal immune system. The new product “Protec” contains 15mg of “s-IgA” per gram. It also contains sialic acid and ceramide which are the components known for skin beauty. Lactoferrin, a natural antibacterial substance is also a component. Another new product “Enteral+” contains IgG (50mg/g) and IgM (0.5mg/g) in addition to the IgA (15mg/g). This is a good balance of 3 immunoglobulins. It also has lactoferrin and TGF-β which can enhance the production of cell immunoglobulins.

Raw materials, OEM and PB option at Heimat Co., Japan Ltd
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  • Raw materials, OEM and PB option at Heimat Co., Japan Ltd
  • APCGCT: Asia Pacific Consortium of Gene and Cell Therapy