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Maijun Gripin Soap

Maijun Soap contains a moisturizing ingredient "Gripin". Totally addictive free soap.
Maijun Gripin Soap
A special quality, totally additive-free soap containing Gripin.
Retail Price(Excluding Tax) ¥1,200
Contents : 80g

Maijun Gripin Soap

Maijun Gripin Soap is a special quality, totally additive-free soap containing Gripin a phytolipid component of Maitake mushroom. It is creamy and gentle, and suits a wide range of people from babies to old people. It is also good for people who have sensitive skin. No perfume, synthetic pigments, preservatives or antioxidants.

Gripin (Maitake Lipid Extract)

Maijun Premium Cream has two patents registered.

Gripin is phytolipid component extracted from the Maitake mushroom. Its function is in the restoring of the skin to a smooth and elastic condition, The skin moisturizing ingredients of Gripin are completely different to those of other products currently available.

In collaborative research with a pharmaceutical university in Japan Gripin(Maitake extract) has been proven to have the effects of increasing the production of sebum and promoting the synthesis of hyaluronic acid.


Soap substrate, Olive oil, Maitake mushroom extract, Tocophrol, Rapeseed oil




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    Gripin (Maitake Lipid Extract)

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