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CBP, abbreviation of Concentrated-whey Bioactive Protein, is functionally benefit for improvement of bone metabolism.

CBP, abbreviation of Concentrated-whey Bioactive Protein, is a functional protein extracted from fresh cow’s milk. CBP is developed in New Zealand and clinical researched in New Zealand, Japan and in Austria. CBP characterized with a smaller molecular protein, which make it easily to be absorbed and functionally benefit for improvement of bone metabolism.

CBP benefits for
  • Improvement of calcium absorption.
  • Prevention of excessive calcium loss.
  • CBP keeps the balance of activities between osteoblast and osteoclast, and enhance the bone metabolism, those function of CBP plays an important role in the increase of bone density, improvement of osteoporosis. Therefore, CBP can support the bone in the whole body and can keep them health.

Bone is the storage of nutrition

Bone is the storage of nutrition and minerals and plays an important role as a central regulator of nutrition and minerals metabolism. When the diets are insufficient in nutrition, they are released from the bone to blood stream. Meanwhile, it may be destroyed bone matrix due to calcium excessive loss. Different from the backbone of a building, bone metabolism is always maintained by a balance of bone formation and resorption which depends on the activities of osteoblasts and osteoclasts. For bone itself, protein and calcium are the important materials. Osteoblasts can create good structure of bone, on the other hand, osteoblasts can be called as good architecture of bone.

Osteoblasts and Osteoclasts

Bone metabolism is mainly regulated by two types of cells, “osteoblasts” and “osteoclasts”; the osteoblasts are responsible for bone formation, and the osteoclasts are for bone resorption. In the process of bone resorption, osteoclasts migrate into bone, release calcium to blood stream, which leads to bone resorption. As the result, a lot of small holes are formed in the bone. In the process of bone formation, osteoblasts migrate into those small holes of bone, filled the holes, reform the bone and create a new bone. This metabolism cycle takes about 3 years to replace old bones and create new ones.

The bone metabolism cycle

The bone metabolism cycle

Age and bone metabolism

The numbers and activities of osteoblast and osteoclast in bone are varied due to the growth of bone and the necessary nutrients such as calcium are changed depending on different ages.

Age and bone metabolism

When insufficient of calcium in blood
  • It may cause hypertension and arteriosclerosis when calcium excessive loss from bones into the blood.
  • It may cause increasing of bone brittle and bone fractures.
  • It may cause people slip out of his memory.
  • It may cause spasm of muscle and make a person more irritable.
  • It may reduce skin moisture holding ability, leading to facial skin loose and deep wrinkles.

Calcium is closely related to women’s health

50 years old
Reduction rate of bone mass accelerated due to menopause from -3% to -10%.

55 years old
Rapid loss of bone mass starts.

60 years old
50% suffer from osteoprosis.

The amount of calcium has been decreasing not only in bone but also in skin!

Reduction of calcium has been happening in the skin as well as in the bone.

Important rules of calcium in skin

  • Maintaining barrier functions on the skin surface
     → Enhancing solidarity between corneocytes
  • Strengthening skin structure
     → controlling lipogenesis
  • Renovating skin structure
     → Supporting the formation of skin cells

↓ When calcium is insufficient

  • Decrease of barrier function in skin
     → Inflammation by the invasion of exogenous stimulates and bacteria
  • Decrease of moisture holding ability
     → Dry skin
  • Weakening and cavitation of skin structure
     → Loose facial skin and deep wrinkles

These symptoms may happen in your skin due to insufficient of calcium.

CBP supports bone health

Bone metabolism relates to the balance of activities between osteoblast and osteoclast. When osteoclasts are more active than osteoblasts, calcium in the bone is excessively lost which results in osteoporosis.

CBP supports bone health

CBP stimulates osteoblasts activity and inhibits osteoclasts activity. As a result the bone calcium absorption is enhanced. CBP enhances bone metabolism and let bone become more health.

CBP supports bone health

Combination effects of CBP with Calcium and Vitamin D

Combination effects of CBP with Calcium and Vitamin D

Recommendation:Combinations of CBP for enhancement of calcium absorption

For children

The calcium intake during periods of growth influences bone formation and density. Combinations of honey and vitamins with CBP benefits for calcium absorption and enhances bone metabolism.

For adults

An unbalanced diet affects bone health due to insufficient of calcium intake. Although it seems like adult bone have not been changing after reaching adult size, actually, bone formation and bone resorption are always happening at all time. Combinations of calcium and vitamins with CBP benefit calcium absorption.

For women

Calcium is closely related to women’s health Combinations of iron and folic acid with CBP benefit calcium absorption as well as compensate for a shortage of nutrients.

For middle-aged and elderly persons

Increased calcium loss in middle-aged and elderly persons results in osteoporosis. Combinations of chondroitin and vitamins with CBP benefit calcium absorption as well as compensating for necessary nutrients.

Raw materials, OEM and PB option at Heimat Co., Japan Ltd
APCGCT: Asia Pacific Consortium of Gene and Cell Therapy